School teaching day 4-6

I took the lesson the boy who drew cats. It’s a Japanese folk tale. Children was very attentive and engaging. All of them try to answer correctly. But then students find difficulty in speaking. I tried to correct them. I had an exciting experience with school teaching


The moment you realize you realize you have only one life you decide to chase it. Bliss is a state of mind when you learn to savour all the flavours of life as if it were some exotic dish. There is both good and bad, dualities are unavoidable yet you can choose to react differently and that surely would make a difference. Love yourself unconditionally, give time let the wounds heal nothing is final till your very last breath. Maybe you can’t fulfill all your dreams within this limited time but still you can always try. As it is said “its not about the destination but its about the journey “ and that journey is your life make every moment count.


What makes someone a stranger? This question becomes relevant several times in one’s life and it recently became in mine too. I knew his name, I had seen several photographs of him on social media, so had he. “I would like to meet him could you please grant me the permission to do so? ” ” How do you know each other ? Since when? Where? …” after an endless number of exasperating questions the lady seemed convinced. I waited he was sent for. He came, his innocent face bearing a puzzled expression and peeked into the office unsurely ” come in, do you know her? ” he threw a quick gaze at me our eyes locked for a second I smiled he answered in an unsure tone “yes somewhere….”. Among a thousand faces that we scroll down our social media sites everyday mine was just another common one nothing specific to remember about. Just another face drowned in a pool like million others resurfacing any particular information or even associating it with a name would be hard. Yet the very next moment when he uttered my name there was a glimmer of hope and my eyes welled up tears.

He sat across me around the table. We were both happy, confused and uneasy at the same time. Two people who should have embraced each other and have had a million memories to share sat staring at each other like strangers not knowing what to talk about. Who was to be blamed? The miles that separated us? The fate that never brought us together? Or our own ignorance, that forced us to ignore each other’s existence? I knew I could have met him months before if I wanted but for some reason I kept putting it off. Well, whatever it was I am so glad I met him. Now to the question that I raised in the beginning of the blog, it is lack of understanding, empathy, kindness, not acknowledging each other’s existance and absence of warm memories that make people strangers. Being there for each other matters kindness, care and love matters. That is all that matters this incident in life taught me that.